About Jeffrey Lim

I am not a trained artist.  I never went to art school.  But I do have a long history of creating art that span over 40 years. 

I remember when I was about 7 I used to copy pictures and color them with Staedtler color pencils.  

We had penmanship class where you practiced cursive writing using a fountain pen.  Here you had to be careful not to smudge. I embellished every piece with a pattern border at the end of the writing. Aced every piece of writing sans smudges of course.

Then at 13 a piece I did with ink and pencil won a prize at the school's first art exhibition.

In the early '70s I did some substantial work using Sakura poster colors on paper creating my own style.  I still have four of these works.  Our art teacher taught us to 'fix' the work using shellac.  No wonder they survived.  People have suggested this is some of my best work.  Perhaps they embody innocence.

I took a long hiatus of nearly 25 years before I picked up my brushes again.  So I did a series in 1995 using acrylic on board or paper.

Then another lull of 16 years before I boldly stepped into acrylic on canvas. It is surely different from painting on paper board or paper. 

My artistic creativity also extends to interior design and landscape design.  You can see more of my style in two separate websites.  Most of my interior design work is found at JLim Designs:


My garden design work is found at Garden Hortica:


I also share my work in Pinterest:


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Please LIKE this page as it will post updates on my work, commentary, what I like and more.  This is where I will engage you about art, my work and more.  I look forward to chatting with you here.

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Each of these print on demand sites have different print and frame features and benefits.  You are free to choose.


Not all my work is available yet for purchase.  Should you see any work that isn't available in print please let me know.

At this time all my original work are for my own collection.

I will also put up images of my very early years once I get to it!  Please bear with me.